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Client Services - When to Use Our Services

When you first have a position you need filled, determine which approach you need to take in your own recruitment efforts. This decision may be based on your sense of urgency, internal resources, budget considerations or the level of the position.

Use internal resources first. When you have an opening to fill, either from promotion, reassignment, transfer, termination or expansion, the following is an outline to consider before hiring an executive search firm. After all, why spend money unnecessarily. Remember to set a time limit on how long this step in the process will last (2 weeks is standard).

  • Post the position internally. This will notify all existing employees about opportunities elsewhere within the company. This often times will bring to light, employees who need (or want) to relocate and forestall them looking outside of the company due to being unsure how to approach their supervisor about a relocation.
  • Post the position on the company web site. As we move into the age where computers are an integral part of our daily lives, more and more people will be looking at your web site. This powerful tool should be viewed as a marketing arm designed to share information, sell products and services as well as entice the most highly qualified people to join your firm.
  • Design an internal employee referral program. It doesn't take much money to reward your existing staff to make recommendations for other good quality people. As little as $1,000 goes a long way to "thanking" your employees for keeping your best interests in mind. We all like to help out a friend and this program encourages people to always keep their eyes and ears open.
  • Ask internal folks to participate in recruiting events. Whether it's on-campus recruiting, job fairs or customers entering your branches, everyone should be aware of the overall staffing needs of the company and participate whenever possible. By being involved, the initiative is always there to be on the alert for good quality people.

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