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Client Services - Search Options

Should you go retainer or contingency? Truly, it is a matter of priority. Basically, contingency is when the recruiting firm gets paid after a candidate is hired and starts with your organization. Because contingency search firms know they bear the risk of several weeks of effort with no guaranteed payback, work is scheduled in their office based on several factors.

  1. The difficulty of the search.
  2. The relationship with the client.
  3. Other on going searches compatible with this search.
  4. Future business opportunities or
  5. In sequential order.
The majority of our clients find that each need within their company requires a unique solution. Frequently, we work with a single client under different options simultaneously, depending upon the criticality of the openings. Our Account Managers can suggest the appropriate solutions for your specific needs.

Our retained search option offers complete, full-service search with a dedicated project team assigned to your search until it is completed. Our retained search option is used at all levels where there is a critical need, which must be filled, in a short period of time. Our replacement guarantee will be for 90 days and all candidates recruited will be exclusively presented to the client. The terms and conditions of our retained search are:
  • 1/3 due upon signing of the contract
  • 1/3 due upon presentation of the short list of 2 candidates
  • 1/3 due 30 days following presentation of candidates
  • The service charge for this option is a % of the estimated first years compensation including base salary, bonuses and commissions.
Priority search is best utilized for positions which must be filled in a timely period and require thorough, professional representation in the marketplace. A project team will work with the client until the position is filled. Our replacement guarantee will be for 60 days and candidates will be offered exclusively to the client for a period of 30 days. The terms and conditions of the engagement search are:
  • A deposit of 10% due upon signing of the contract.
  • Balance of the service charge due upon fulfillment of the search.
  • Guaranteed performance or your money back.
Contingency Search may be used for ongoing openings, which are not urgent in nature. Many clients select this option when a critical need does not exist, but utilization for a particular profile is constant. Our replacement guarantee will be 30 days. No exclusivity of candidates is offered with this search method. The terms and conditions are payment due upon successful completion of the search. The search charge will be a % of the estimated first year's compensation including base salary, bonuses, and commissions.

When your needs are for multiple candidates in the same profile, our Project Search is your guaranteed option. A Project Team is selected to handle all openings simultaneously, insuring quality control standards that are unsurpassed as well as timeliness in delivering a number of candidates within your time frame. Our replacement guarantee will be 90 days. The terms and conditions of Project Search are based on the difficulty of the search, the availability of candidates, the time required for the process, and number of positions

  • Most firms give priority to retained search engagements. Whether the client has provided 1/3 of the fee up front or put down a $5000 deposit (standard), the recruiting firm has some assurance that they will be compensated for their time, efforts and results. Your need for immediate results should dictate which vehicle you choose and if you've made the right choice in firm, the risk is minimal.

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