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Candidate Resources

In today's environment, where the demand far exceeds supply, candidates face the following critical issues - Which Industry? What Career Path? What Company? When should I make the Move? What about my Family? Location?

Having a professional Executive Search Consultant who has a complete understanding of the Industry and search process, while at the same time offers complete discretion, can be a valuable asset when making a career decision.

How We Work
Changing your career is a serious step. That is why we spend the time getting to know you, your personal and professional goals. We work with you confidentially. Your information is never shared or revealed without your prior permission. We'll call you to discuss a potential opportunity, provide you with need-to-know information about the company, the management team, the compensation, and at that point it would be up to you to decide whether you would like to explore the opportunity confidentially. We give you resume tips and make sure you are prepared for the interview.

It is in our best interests to drive the process forward, to get timely feedback and to make sure you are well prepared and informed throughout the process. We help negotiate the best offer possible. We help you get through the resignation gracefully. We can help you get connected with relocation experts if necessary.

We are engaged by the employers to assist them with their staffing needs. There is no cost for our services to you, the candidate.

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